Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Questions
We intend to record and post as many of the talks as possible. Occasionally a speaker’s talk is not able to be recorded for content or technical reasons. The talks will be posted on our YouTube channel as soon as they are ready.

We are still working out whether it will be possible to live-stream talks this year.
We have arranged to have food trucks present on site. Many of them are planning to offer vegan or vegetarian options in addition to their regular choices. Please be aware that it is Winter in January/February in Brno and you should check the weather forecast and dress appropriately.
Tickets for attendees are sold out already, but you can join our waitlist at Eventbrite site.
Waitlist is available for attendee registration, because all attendee tickets are sold out. We're going to release tickets to people on the wait list as they become available due to cancellations and other methods. We do at-the-door admissions at the conference but everything depends on the capacity of the venue and the number of registered attendees onsite at that time. Most likely, we will not let anyone in on Friday. Even thou we're going to post to social media when we have at-the-door tickets available, the situation changes rapidly. Therefore, the best way to find out whether we are releasing at-the-door tickets is by coming to the venue.
Schedule / CfP Questions
We hope to release the schedule around December 9, 2019.

We are planning to start at 9am on 24 January 2020 and end at 4pm on 26 January 2020. These time may change slightly, so do watch for the final schedule.
We receive an amazingly large number of high quality submissions. Our track teams that review the talks have to work a lot to read and decide on them all. We have expect to send out the first round of acceptances around 18 November 2019.
Please email us at and explain your situation and what your suggestion is. We can, on a case-by-case basis allow alternative speakers, however this is not guaranteed. We generally do not allow for remote presentations, however you are welcome to email us and explain why you think your talk should be an exception.
Registration Questions
Admission to DevConf.CZ is free and only requires that you register for a free ticket. Registration details should be available around December 9, 2019. Capacity is limited!

Onsite (at venue) registration is possible, even after on-line registration has closed, but it will also be limited capacity. You are strongly encouraged to register online to ensure you have a ticket.
We use registration to manage several logistics issues around DevConf.CZ, amongst other things. For example, we have to ensure that we do not exceed the maximum number of people allowed in the building by the fire marshall. We also use the data for things like estimating the number of food trucks to invite and planning for various parts of the conference.

Because we have typically attracted over 1500 people each year, we have learned to do registration to minimize the possibility that someone will show up to the conference and then have to be turned away.
There are a small number of tickets reserved for on-site registration. On-site registration is identical to internet registration in terms of cost (free!) and in terms of what information is asked for. You are strongly encouraged to register online when we open online registration to both save time when you arrive and to prevent you from being turned away because we are at capacity.
Travel Questions
We provide visa invitation letters, upon request, to speakers and registered attendees of our conference.

Speakers were emailed instructions for getting one with their acceptance notification.

Attendees may request a visa letter after registering for the conference. Details on how to request the letter are in your registration confirmation in the section at the bottom called 'Additional Information'.
We provide some lodging (hotel) costs for speakers at DevConf (see the Speaker Questions section for details). Additionally, we offer diversity scholarships that can help cover travel costs for speakers and attendees who live in Europe, Middle East, or Africa, do not work for Red Hat, and whose employer is not able to cover their travel costs (see the Diversity Scholarship Questions section for details).
Speaker Questions
We will be publishing our schedule there and having your preferred email address for that service lets us give you some editing rights for your session. Some speakers may use a different address for so we want to collect that from them. If you don’t have a preference or don’t have one already, just provide any email address you read and we will do the rest.
The speaker confirmation form invites new speakers to sign up for practicing their talks via a video conference ahead of DevConf.CZ and invites experienced speakers to coach new speakers through such practice. We hope that participating in this program will improve the experience of new speakers and improve the quality of talks at DevConf.CZ, and highly encourage experienced speakers to sign up as coaches. We have a speaker guide and a speaker coaching guide available to support speakers and coaches. People who sign up, will receive their coaching matches by December 20, with the expectation that they will schedule practice sessions between January 6 and January 17.

We ask the coaches to take the lead on scheduling the practice session via a video conference (BlueJeans,, Jitsi Meet, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, etc). The speaker can choose to invite other audience members to the practice. If the speaker and the coach happen to be in the same location, they can do the practice session in person. In the practice session, the speaker delivers their practice talk, and the coach and other audience members provide feedback on the talk and slide deck. Additionally, we ask that coaches arrange to meet their speaker at DevConf.CZ and attend their talk as a supportive audience member.

Speakers and coaches agree to abide by the DevConf Code of Conduct both at the conference and in any pre-conference coaching, practice, or other program related activities.

This option is a good fit for speakers who do not work at Red Hat or are not based in Brno. As in prior years, group practice sessions will be held in the Brno office for people who work at Red Hat, and information about them will be shared separately on the Brno mailing list. However, Red Hatters from Brno are welcome to select this option too.
We provide visa invitation letters, upon request, to speakers at our conference. Speakers were emailed instructions for getting one with their acceptance notification.
We provide some lodging (hotel) costs for speakers at DevConf. For primary speakers, we can provide a hotel room, at a restricted set of hotels, for the three nights of the conference. Details will be sent in the acceptance emails.

For secondary speakers, who room with a primary speaker, we can cover the extra cost associated with the second person in that double room. Our budget, unfortunately, does not let us buy separate rooms for secondary speakers. In the case where a secondary speaker needs a separate room they should contact us at for the process and permission first.
No. We are not able to reimburse any rate from any hotel that we did not ask you to book into. In order to take advantage of the 3 days of lodging (hotel rooms) we provide speakers you must book in the hotels we asked you to use by following the process we sent you. Bookings through third-party sites or that used other processes, even if they are for the same hotel, will not be paid for or reimbursed.
Every session room will have a projector that should accept most common display technologies. If you do not have an HDMI port on your laptop, please bring an adapter to ensure you can connect. While we will try to have a full suite of display adapters, new versions seem to appear every day. Please have practiced plugging your laptop into an external display and setting your mirroring/speaker mode as you like it. You know your computer best.

The university got new projectors (woot!). The resolution of all projectors, except the one in A113 should be 1920x1200. The projector in A113 should be 1920x1080. All inputs are HDMI.

We will also have a microphone in all rooms where recording is taking place. Please use the microphone and don’t forget to repeat questions.
Yes. Our intention is to record every talk and make it available on YouTube and possibly via a live-stream. If this is a problem, please contact us at as soon as possible so we can determine if we can accommodate your request.
Your talk is scheduled with the Question and Answer time included. This means, for example, if you have a 30 minute talk, you should plan to leave 5 minutes for Q&A. After your time has expired, even if you only had a short Q&A you will need to leave the room and continue conversations in the hallway to ensure the next speaker has full use of their time.

Each room will have a room captain to help with timing. They will show you cards when you are getting close to running out of time. They will also assist you with setting up your talk and provide you with a brief introduction, if you wish.

We need your slides. If you haven’t already given us your presentation, the room captain will ask for a copy on a flash drive before you start your talk.
Bandwidth is shared by everyone and we occasionally experience issues with overloaded wifi which is beyond our power to fix. Please, prepare to switch from a workshop to a demo or guided tour where you are the only one who has access to the internet. This way your attendees will still get value from the session. We really look forward to the year of "Good Conference WiFi."
Diversity & Inclusion Questions
In an effort to create a more diverse and inclusive event, Red Hat is delighted to be able to offer scholarships for attending DevConf.CZ. As DevConf.CZ is the DevConf for the Europe, Middle East, and Africa region, these scholarships are only available to people from these locations. The scholarships are aiming to support students and people relatively new or returning to full-time work in technology, who don't work at Red Hat and whose employer is not able to cover their travel expenses. Applicants who work full-time in technology, need to have worked full-time in technology for less than 10 years since the time they started full-time work in technology or resumed it after a break of six months or more due to studies or personal reasons. Applicants have to be at least 18 years old.
Decisions will be made based on applicants’ experience with Red Hat-supported and other open source technologies and based on being a student or being new or returning to full-time work in technology. People who are accepted as speakers for the conference will be given some preference, but the scholarships are aiming to support both speakers and attendees.
The scholarships can cover requests of up to 1,000 USD for expenses such as travel, hotel, food, and child care. Conference registration is free and will open on December 9, 2019.
Please review full eligibility criteria in the application form and submit your application by 5pm UTC on Thursday, November 21, 2019. If you proposed a session, but would like to attend the conference regardless of whether it’s accepted, you can fill out the form without waiting for the acceptance decisions. We expect to send out most acceptance decisions before November 21, but speakers whose sessions are accepted after November 21 will still have a chance to apply for diversity scholarships.
Badge Flair Contest Questions
The concept of the badge flair contest started at Write the Docs, a conference and community for documentation-oriented tech folks who love to start fun and light-hearted traditions. The idea is simple: During the conference, decorate your badge in creative and fun ways, tweet a picture with the contest hashtags, and you can win a prize for the most creative or inspiring decoration.
Participation is not mandatory, and you're welcome to decorate your badge and have some fun anyway! All conference attendees, speakers, and volunteers are eligible to participate. Organizers are not eligible to enter the contest, although we do encourage the team to lead by example and spread the word. NOTE: If you don't have a Twitter account, you can ask a friend to share the picture for you. The prize will be given to the person whose name is on the badge.
Head over to the decorating station, located in building D downstairs (near rooms D0206 and D0207), and choose your favorite stickers to decorate your badge. Then, tweet a photo of it with both hashtags #devconfbadge and #devconf_cz no later than Saturday at 18:00. The winner will be announced during the closing ceremony on Sunday at 16:00. You must be in the room to receive your prize! If you are not present, the prize will go to the runner-up. Follow the DevConf CZ Twitter account to stay updated with room announcements and other contest updates.
We want you to be creative and have fun, but we also want to make sure the contest is fair and inclusive. Please keep in mind the following guidelines:
  1. You must not cover any part of your name, but you can cover the DevConf logo or other elements if you don’t need to acces them.
  2. All contest entries must follow the conference Code of Conduct. Do not use any harmful messaging or images in your decorations.
  3. Although you may use your own items for your badge (such as markers or stickers), we value having similar resources for everyone, so if you overdo it with items you brought yourself (such as LED lights or sparkly feathers), you might be disqualified from winning.