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January 28-29, 2022
All around the world
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About DevConf

DevConf.CZ 2022 is the 14th annual, free, Red Hat sponsored community conference for developers, admins, DevOps engineers, testers, documentation writers and other contributors to open source technologies. At DevConf.CZ, FLOSS communities sync, share, and hack on upstream projects together.

There is no admission or ticket charge for DevConf.CZ events. However, you are required to complete a free registration. Watch this site for updates about registration.

We are committed to fostering an open and welcoming environment at our conference. We set expectations for inclusive behavior through our code of conduct and media policies, and are prepared to enforce these.

Conference Themes
  • Cloud & Hyperscale

    Topics around Kubernetes, quantum computing, high availability, *aaS, anything that powers large data centers or small private clouds, best practices for development, and operations at scale, resource efficiency, etc.

    Future Tech and Open Research

    What’s next? Any topics that are currently being discussed or actively researched yet their impact is still potential. Best practices and great examples of open source research collaborations are welcome.

  • Edge Computing

    Modern embedded systems, microcontrollers, management of embedded systems, infrastructure for embedded systems, resource optimization, peripherals, tools, and edge in automotive are some of the topic ideas appropriate for this track.

    HPC, Big Data and Data Science

    High performance systems, data storing and processing, best practices for data lakes/data mesh, and parallelism and vector computing.

  • Open Source UX/Design

    Open source practices for UX and UIs, Design Thinking, Service Design, UX and Customer Experience. How to get users and customers involved in software design and other best practices.

    Open Source Education

    Improving how students learn—and how instructors teach— withOpen Source. Open Source tools that facilitate education, as well as the overall education community that operates in an open source way (MOOC's, free bootcamps, university relations, etc).

  • Modern Software Development

    Trending topics from software development, application modernization, new trends, microservices, distributed computing and continuous improvement. Development of secure code, code validation and verification.

    Analysis, Testing and Automation

    Embedded intelligence in products for automation, IoB - internet of behaviours, analytics and automated remediation capabilities, risk and change analysis, AI powered orchestration, and machine learning in analysis and test automation (i.e, test failure analysis, test generation, and test selection).

  • Linux distribution

    Firmware, Linux kernel, base platform for containers, desktop, Silverblue, and upgrades.

Doubleshot at DevConf.CZ 2022

Our attendees always tell us how important it is to grab a cup of coffee at and sit down in the hall for a chat with long-time friends and new acquaintances. We couldn't meet in Brno last year so we worked with our friends at doubleshot to put together a coffee tasting for you to enjoy during the conference. We're pleased to have worked with them again to bring this experience back in 2022!

Doubleshot has chosen three coffees to compliment your experience at the DevConf.CZ 2022 virtual conference. One coffee for each day (3 x 70 g) plus one bonus coffee for the day before or day after.

You can order your coffee on their website for 197 CZK (~7.5 EUR) plus shipping. Order deadlines vary by country, so order early. We look forward to seeing you online.

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Important dates
Nov 1, 2021
CfP closes
Nov 22, 2021
First round of acceptance letters
Dec 15, 2021
Schedule published
Dec 15, 2021
Registration opens
Jan 28-29, 2022
Conference dates
Dec 2, 2021
Switch to virtual only

Jan 4, 2022 Call for Lightning Talks reopened. Submit a pre-recorded lightning talk by Jan 14, 2022.

Dec 15, 2021 Registration is open and Schedule is live.

Dec 2, 2021 DevConf.CZ 2022 will be held virtually in light of the current situation in the country.

Nov 1, 2021 CfP is closed!

Aug 26, 2021 CfP is open! Submit your proposal until Oct 24th, 2021.

Aug 19, 2021 Conference dates announced: 28-29 Jan, 2022 in Brno and virtually.

Jul 21, 2021 Join our Discord server to connect with other attendees, speakers and organizers before the event.

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