Capture The Flag - DevConf.CZ 2022!

This document contains screenshots and information, how to attend CTF event on DevConf.CZ 2022.

  1. Go to URL where the CTF competition is hosted:
  2. Click on Registration button and complete registration (you don’t need to provide real email if you don’t want to)
  3. At first, all challenges are presented as question marks except the first one, which contains the first flag and will guide you through the submission process.
  4. Once you submit the flag, all challenges are revealed.
  5. Now choose your challenge, read it, solve it and get points. We will present tools you can use for majority of challenges at the CTF workshop.
  6. The scoreboard is public, you can see how you’re doing compared to other competitors.

As part of CTF event, we have prepared even some tasks from well known BugHunting competition. Here are some basic info about, what is needed.

Docker install
Take a look at

How to get and run the BugHunting container
Pull, run, and shell into the container - feel free to use podman instead of docker.

Input the following commands into your terminal:

docker pull
mkdir bughunting
cd bughunting
docker run -dt --name bughunting -v"${PWD}:/home/bughunting/sources:z,rw"
docker exec -ti bughunting zsh
Alternatively, as a backup, without Bind-mounting the tasks
docker pull
docker run -dt --name bughunting
docker exec -ti bughunting zsh

For troubleshooting, visit