What's happening with DevConf.CZ 2023 - get ready for June!   cover image
What's happening with DevConf.CZ 2023 - get ready for June!

Radek Vokal • December 22, 2022 |

Hi everyone,

In previous years at around this time (Christmas) we were already collecting session proposals and shaping up the schedule for our January conference. Three days at Brno University of Technology, usually in cold weather where we were all happy to sit in warm conference rooms and to listen to some great talks, also had some disadvantages. We had years when people got sick from the weather, when travel was awful due to snow storms and when our volunteers were freezing out helping to run the conference. And then in the following years Covid changed a lot and we’ve realized that having people packed in a venue during the flu season is not what we want to do.

In 2023, we made a decision to move the conference to the beginning of summer. We're excited to announce that the next DevConf.CZ will be taking place on June 16-18, 2023 in Brno, Czech Republic. We will occupy our favorite venue at the Faculty of Information Technology of Brno University of Technology. We will run the same size of conference you’re all used to and we will have the opportunity to use the outdoors of our venue as our hallway track. We will again bring a mix for proven speakers and first time presenters, we are looking forward to workshops and community events collocated with the event and of course, we will bring the food trucks so we can fully enjoy the outdoor part of the conference.

There’s another change we’re also introducing. We have a lot of content and we can’t fit everyone and everything to a single event. When we’ve looked at all session proposals, we’ve realized we have enough content for additional events that could be more focused, with a smaller and more specific audience. We’ve created DevConf.cz Mini as a half a day event at a different venue (in the future maybe even different cities) and focused on specific tracks. This looks fairly promising and we will run another event like this in the spring of 2023.

Here are some preliminary timelines for next year

  • January - March, 2023: DevConf.CZ 2023 Call for Proposals (CfP) opens
    • Proposals will be collected for both DevConf.CZ June conference and DevConf.cz Mini
  • March, 2023: DevConf.cz Mini conference (place and specific dates TBD)
  • April, 2023: DevConf.CZ 2023 registration and schedule for DevConf.CZ June published
  • June 16-18, 2023: DevConf.CZ 2023 is live!

DevConf.CZ is still organized by a large group of volunteers. As always, we’re looking for people willing to help with various pre and during the event activities. One of the most important became the ability to stream sessions and process them on the fly during the conference. Of course there are many other tasks we always welcome help with.

So get your session proposals ready! For DevConf.CZ 2023, we will continue with a set of focused tracks that would allow us to highlight trending topics. We will announce a set of proposed tracks which are our guardrails but at the same time are not limiting us to extend the conference based on submissions we will get from you! We welcome first time speakers, students, newbies as well as open source veterans - we want to connect people and projects!