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August 14-16, 2024
Boston, USA
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About DevConf

DevConf.US 2024 is the 6th annual, free, Red Hat sponsored technology conference for community project and professional contributors to Free and Open Source technologies at Boston University in the historic city of Boston, USA.

There is no admission or ticket charge for DevConf.US events. However, you are required to complete a free registration. Talks, presentations, and workshops will all be in English.

We encourage students and new graduates as well as professionals to attend DevConf.US. We also have attendee coaching available for people who are new to attending conferences! Please choose to either be a new attendee coach or apprentice when you register for the conference.

We are committed to fostering an open and welcoming environment at our conference. We set expectations for inclusive behavior through our code of conduct and media policies, and are prepared to enforce these.


Conference Themes
  • Cloud, Hybrid Cloud and Hyperscale Infrastructure

    Topics around Kubernetes, high availability, anything that powers large data centers or small private clouds, best practices for infrastructure management and operations at scale, resource efficiency, and setting up developer environments. Topic related to virtualization, containers, and Kubernetes.

    Future Tech and Open Research

    What’s next? Any topics that are discussed or actively researched yet their impact is still potential. Best practices and great examples of open source research collaborations are welcome. Trending topics from software development, metaverse, new trends in existing areas such as microservices, distributed computing, and continuous improvement, observability, quantum computing.

  • Edge, Mobile and Automotive

    Computing in edge environments, embedded systems, microcontrollers, mobile devices and app development, management of edge devices, infrastructure for edge devices, resource optimization and resource lean appliances, automotive computing, and tooling to support edge use cases.

    Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

    Artificial intelligence, large language models, data storing and processing, best practices for data lakes/data mesh, and parallelism and vector computing.

  • Linux Distributions and Operating Systems

    Firmware, Linux kernel, base platform for containers, unorchestrated containers, desktop, updates from Fedora land, Silverblue, CentOS Stream and other distributions. OS building and distribution, release management topics, package manager tools, data-driven package management, integrating components into the system.

    DevOps and Automation, Security and Compliance

    How to define a release pipeline, how to automate developer environments, how to build developer sandboxes, how to ensure application uptime, continuous application development, agile development, SRE tools and best practices, AppOps, and testing in DevOps environments. Embedded intelligence in products for automation, IoB (Internet of Behaviors), analytics and automated remediation capabilities, risk and change analysis, AI-powered orchestration, and machine learning in test automation (e.g. test failure analysis, test generation, and test selection).

  • Application and Services Development

    Developing, building and deploying applications, their frameworks, and the challenges involved with running on premise, in the cloud, and at the edge. Considerations for application modernization, application monitoring, day-2 management, and self-service enablement.

    Open Source Success Stories

    Customer success stories with open source, examples of open source initiatives in the public sector, open source projects in academia, from zero to a successful open source project.

  • Agility, Leadership and DEI

    Agile practices, UX, design/design thinking, community management and open source in education, open management practices. DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) topics.

    Open track

    Open to any other topics! We welcome open-source student projects, presentations of diploma and bachelor theses, proposals for new projects, and any other topic that doesn't fall under the listed themes but relates to the general open source community topics.


May 31, 2024 Schedule is live!

May 31, 2024 Registration is open!

March 28, 2024 Call for Proposals deadline extended to April 22 2024 at 11:59pm ET

February 12, 2024 Call for Proposals is open, deadline to submit proposals is April 8, 2024

February 8, 2024 DevConf.US 2024 date announced: August 14-16, 2024

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